Sarasota Billiards Services

Our expert craftsmen offer various table services including disassemble, reassemble, moving,  and recovery services where we replace pool table cloth in your home.

Sarasota Pool Table Specialists

We believe that providing our customers with the highest level of service is every bit as important as high-quality billiards products. Our service team includes top experts who deliver outstanding workmanship.

Our Pool Table Services Include:

  • Moving your Pool Table: We will disassemble, reassemble and move your pool table.  This ensures that your table is set-up properly.
  • Repairing your Pool Table: We offer impeccable craftsmanship thanks to our years of experience working with pool tables.  Experience that includes restoring antique pool tables.
  • Recovering your Pool Table: Billiard cloth is replaced on your table in your home. We carry different grades and colors of cloth.  See approximate colors online.  Please note the actual swatches should be viewed before making your decision.
  • Re-Tipping and Repairing Pool Cues: Quality craftsmanship goes into replacement of your cue’s tip and ferrule.

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Contact us at 941-355-6216 if you would like a quote on one of our many pool table services, or if you are interested in a new pool table.