Pool Table Cloth

Billiard cloth is a special blend of materials formulated for use on pool tables.  You can get pool table cloth in virtually any color or style.  Due to differences in display settings on different computers these colors may seem dark or washed out.  It is always best to look at an actual color swatch to ensure the color you choose is the color you want.  Feel free to stop by our showroom if you would like a sample.  We have many custom felts and colors available.

Olhausen Accu-Guard Cloth

This professional playing Olhausen cloth has been specifically designed to ensure your Olhausen table performs at the highest level!

The Accu-Guard finish is a superior spill protector that is penetrated through the cloth during the manufacturing process ensuring that the playability will not be affected.

When combined with our exclusive Accu-Fast® Cushions , the Olhausen Accu-Guard Cloth greatly enhances the most professional playing surface in the world.

Download a Olhausen Pool Table Cloth Brochure.

Simonis Cloth

Simonis produces a wide range of table cloth colors, but all of them are manufactured to provide the truest possible playing surface for the utmost in playability. Simonis is also a corporate partner to the Color Association of the United States in order to stay in touch with the trends and forecasts in the design field. Because we own our own manufacturing, we can quickly act to capture trends as they develop.

Simonis also produces different grades of billiard cloth with
characteristics that are suitable for various billiard games.

Pool Table Cloth Colors

We offer a variety of other pool table felt styles in a  variety of colors.  We also can provide decorative felt for that pool player who wants to support they’re favorite team or hobby.  Stop by our showroom and check out our wide selection of pool table felt providers and colors.

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