Sarasota Game Room Sizes

There are many factors that you need to know when evaluating the space needed for a pool table.   Are you concerned with your windows?  How about half-walls?  Or beams?   We have years of experience to assist you assessing your room’s configuration and measure your space.   When needed, we offer cues that are made in varying lengths to help make less-than-perfectly-sized rooms suitable for great game play.

How to Determine Size Requirements

The size needed to have a pool table in a game room size is determined by extending the pool cue from the playing area of the pool table.   Using this method of measurement is the best way to determine if a game room allows enough room to play comfortably around your table.   Small  rooms will require occasional use of a shorter cue.

The following Olhausen Pool Table chart may be used as a guide when planning the installation of a billiard table in your home game room.
Recommended Game Room Space Requirements based on three different pool cue sizes that are available.

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